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UCSF Osher Center
Your Life, Your Health, Your Choice

Defying and reshaping the status quo in healthcare.

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Breaking new ground.

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Our task was to shift the general publics perception of integrative medicine and raise money for a new building. We achieved that end with a campaign that incited people to take back control of their healthcare.

  • In 2018, a new Osher Center for Integrative Medicine was built on the UCSF Mount Zion Campus in San Francisco.

  • The Osher Center is now facilitating joint initiatives with leading academic institutions across the U.S. and Europe.

  • To-date, an estimated 40 million cases of chronic diseases have been avoided, and the economic impact reduced by $1.1 trillion annually. 

Source: Milken Institute / Bernard Osher Foundation

Bernard Osher

"Whitty is a seeker of the fundamental truth. He absorbs huge amounts of complex information and reduces it into something simple, meaningful and motivating.

Dr. Susan Folkman


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Haile T. Debas, Dean Emeritus

Susan Folkman, Director

Maureen Smith, Planning & Dev.


Bernard Osher

Alexsis de Raadt St. James

Chris Kirk, Mindbomb Films

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