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Marvell Technology

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Mark Ruffalo & Whitty in NYC at the How to Kill a Vampire campaign launch [part of our Smart Electronics Initiative].

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Our celebrity driven campaign made Marvell famous for making our hyperconnected Always-On world more energy efficient. 

  • The "Smart Electronics Act" was introduced by U.S. Congressman for the 17th District of California and Silicon Valley, Mike Honda.

  • Sales in enterprise networking, carrier infrastructure, and consumer segments increased 56%, 28%, and 20%.

  • Marvell's net revenue surged by 48% to $3.55 billion.

  Source: Gartner

Mark Whitty

"Honest, inspiring, entertaining and necessary. Whitty may well be the most interesting and authentic person left in

the advertising industry." 

Tom Hayes, VP Marketing


Brand Strategy, Ideation,

Digital, Print, Design, Video,

Trade Shows & Events,

Public Relations,

Government Affairs.


Tom Hayes, VP Marketing


Chris Kirk, Mind Bomb Films

Jim Cunneen, California Stategies  

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