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Tom Hayes, VP Marketing & Whitty with Marvell co-founders Dr. Sehat Sutardja & Weili Dai, pitching the media at The China Club in Hong Kong.

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Most marketing effectiveness case studies start with a sluggish or declining sales graph, which is then dramatically reversed by the new campaign. Marvell's case is different. It was already a leading brand in the rapidly growing market for low-power digital storage chips.

We were tasked with helping Marvell to enter new market segments, and that meant taking on semiconductor industry giants like Intel.  

After spending a month with the sales team, we discovered that potential customers almost always thought they were being called on by Marvel Entertainment, so we rather cheekily persuaded the legendary co-creator of Marvell's famous namesake to become our Brand Ambassador. 

"Celebrities are different from the rest of

us mortals. Everything is magnified:

money problems, egos, schedules, legalities. But we happen to like working with people who ain’t entirely normal; when properly used, they can turn a routine event into an instant newsmaker."

George Lois

Stan Lee was joined by celebrity environmentalist's Adrian Grenier and Mark Ruffalo at CES in Las Vegas, SXSW in Austin and Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and together they generated a ton of publicity for Marvell's energy efficient technology. 

As a result of our efforts to promote energy efficiency, we travelled with Governator Schwarzenegger on a trade mission to Asia, and, with great fanfare, he opened Marvell's new design center in Shanghai. 


The end result? Our campaign made Marvell famous for making our hyper-connected ‘Always-On’ world a more energy efficient one.


As a result of that result:

  • Sales in enterprise networking, carrier infrastructure, and consumer segments increased 56%, 28%, and 20%, respectively.

  • Net revenue surged by 48% to $3.55 billion.

  • The "Smart Electronics Act" was introduced by U.S. Congressman for the 17th District of California and Silicon Valley, Mike Honda.

Source: Gartner


"Honest, inspiring, entertaining and necessary. Whitty may well be the most interesting and authentic person left in

the advertising industry." 

Tom Hayes, VP Marketing


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Tom Hayes, VP Marketing


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