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The Prince of Wales's Charities
International Business Leaders Forum

Championing action for a sustainable future.

HRH, known as the Duke of Rothesay while in Scotland, visits a sustainable salmon farm at Loch Leven, Inverness-shire.

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In 1989, against the advice of the British Foreign Office, The Prince of Wales invited an array of the world's most powerful business leaders to a meeting in the hurricane-devastated city of Charleston, SC. This meeting gave birth to the International Business Leaders Forum.


Whitty Worldwide was tasked with revitalizing the IBLF brand, attracting new members and raising money for an Endowment Fund in memory of the organizations mastermind and co-founder, Robert Davies.

"Prince Charles has been miles ahead of the curve on many issues relating to global sustainability. He warned about plastic waste in 1970 and championed organic farming long before it became mainstream."

The Daily Telegraph

Our campaign broke with tradition by publicly leveraging the outspoken heir to the throne's fame as a global eco-warrior.

  • A new generation of technology leaders signed on and helped re-invigorate IBLF's membership. 

  • The IBLF became a breakout model, with members in 30+ countries working together with businesses, government and local communities to address concerns about ethical sourcing, the environment, treatment of employees and corruption. 

  • In 2018, the IBLF was folded into The Prince of Wales Global Sustainability Fellowship Program at Cambridge University, where its work is helping the UN achieve its Sustainable Development Goals.​​


Source: KPMG


"Whitty has a simpler way of looking at things, of wiping away the marketing drivel that people tend to be caught up in. He gets past that to thinking bigger."

Neville Isdell, Chairman, IBLF  
Chairman & CEO, Coca-Cola


Brand Strategy, Ideation 

Design, Video, Events


Neville Isdale, Chairman

Adam Leach, CEO

Joe Phelan, Communications Director


Alexsis de Raadt St. James

Chris Kirk, MindBomb Films

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