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Aristotle is a pioneering force in political technology and data mining; and a tireless advocate for democratic due process around the globe. When they first hired us in 1999, the company had become synonymous with packaged software, and we were tasked with re-vitalizing the brands image and introducing new tailored solutions and internet products.


Over the last 20 years, we've worked with Aristotle on a wide variety of projects, including the launch of a real-money prediction stock market for politics, an age & identity verification service and presidential campaigns in some of the most challenging places on earth.


  • Our brand and product advertising increased sales / profit margins and generated unprecedented attention for a niche brand; NYT and Washington Post referred to some of our work years after it had aired. 

  • In the Ukraine, we helped Aristotle expose the vote fraud being perpetrated by the Kremlin, which in turn gave rise to the Orange Revolution, and the country's first democratically elected President.

  • In Afghanistan, we produced a series of 60 second films that focused global media attention on the desperate failings of the incumbent President, and exposed wide-spread fraud in Parliamentary elections.


 Source: Kindred Keziah

Mark Whitty

"Whitty is the most resolute, loyal and indefatigable Englishman since Winston Churchill" 

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