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Revitalizing the brand image of a financial services pioneer.

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Schwab is the original disruptive challenger brand of the investing world going back to the ‘Main Street vs. Wall Street’ proposition of the 90's, but the company was struggling to keep its image vital in a digital age where trust in financial brands is at an all time low, and noise is at an all time high. 


Our objective was to spark interest among a disengaged audience, and provide investors with the motivation to switch their account to Schwab.


  • Within a few weeks, over a million people watched our film on social, and it scored higher than all competitor ads in lifting consideration.

  • The campaign revitalized Schwab's position as a 'People's Champion'.

  • Between 2020 and 2021, client assets increased by 36% to $7.98 trillion.

Source: Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab

"Truth well told!"

Charles R. Schwab, Chairman


Ideation & Creative Direction

Film Production


Chuck Schwab, Chairman

Jonathan Craig, CMO

Pete Boland, SVP Marketing


Ben Proudfoot, Breakwater Studios Mary Pruter, USS Midway

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