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Revitalizing the brand image of a financial services pioneer.

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Keith at Mr. A's in San Diego. Photo: Whitty 

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How do you bring interest to a low-interest category or memorability to experiences people usually want to get over and done with?


Schwab is the original disruptor of the investing world going back to the ‘Main Street vs. Wall Street’ proposition of the 90's, but the company was struggling to keep its brand vital in a digital age where trust in financial brands is at an all time low, and noise is at an all time high.

"To revitalize our position as a 'People’s Champion,' we invited our customers to share moments that would inspire a new generation to take ownership of their financial future."


Charles R. Schwab, Chairman 

It was our great honor to share the moving story of United States Naval Aviator LCDR Keith Roudebush, and we shot part of a film about his journey aboard the USS Midway in San Diego, a ship he'd flown combat missions from during Vietnam.


Mother Nature lent a hand with regards to the dramatic quality of some of the scenes aboard Midway. On the first day of shooting, a freak storm blew up from Mexico, and Keith, who is now well into his 80's, was soaked through and chilled to the bone. Ever the Navy Man, Keith didn't bat an eyelid, even after he sustained a nasty wallop from an iron port hole cover during one of the takes. 

As a result of getting it's mojo back


  • A record number of leads were generated / Own Your Tomorrow was adopted by 21,000 employees as more than just a marketing platform.

  • Rated Investor's Business Daily most trusted financial company in 2020.

  • Between 2020 and 2021, client assets increased by 36% to $7.98 trillion.


Source: Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab

"Truth well told!"

Charles R. Schwab, Chairman


Ideation & Creative Direction

Film Production


Chuck Schwab, Chairman

Jonathan Craig, CMO

Pete Boland, SVP Marketing


Ben Proudfoot, Breakwater Studios Mary Pruter, USS Midway

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