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Transforming a chip equipment maker into a famous Information Age brand.


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Applied Materials is the world's #1 supplier of equipment, services and software for the manufacture of semiconductor chips, and yet, very few retail investors appreciated their leadership role and market position.

Our objective was to make Applied Materials famous for helping to make the Information Age accessible and affordable to everyone.

Our first task was to sell AMAT's board of directors on an ambitious plan to produce a global, prime-time, broadcast advertising program. So we hired the legendary actor Martin Sheen to narrate our pitch film, and he added just the right note of gravitas to the core unifying campaign idea. 

"Applied Materials is opening an era of Information for Everyone."

Jim Morgan, Chairman Emeritus

To tell a compelling global story that was attention grabbing, memorable and yet easy to understand, we dramatized the ubiquity of microchips in a series of ground-breaking ads that were shot at several iconic locations:


We were the 1st to shoot a commercial inside the Forbidden City and on The Great Wall of China; 1st to film at the world's busiest intersection, Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo [soundtrack: Chihiro Onitsuka]; 1st to feature a Porsche in a non-Porsche ad, shot in the historic Sierra de Grazalema, Spain [soundtrack: Montrose Space Station # 5].


Additional photography was shot in New York, Mumbai and California.

In spite of being heavily outspent in the media, recognition and interest in the ads outstripped those from tech bellwethers Intel, IBM, Cisco.

  • In response to the media attention the campaign generated, NASDAQ amplified our message by celebrating AMAT as a technology leader and visionary in their global brand advertising campaign. 

  • Today, even during volatile times, when ownership of other tech stocks decreases significantly, AMAT holds its ground or moves forward.

  • With a year-on-year average increase over 10yrs of 482%, and a market cap of $137.90 billion, AMAT is the world's 98th most valuable company.

Source: Hall & Partners / Investors Business Daily


"Mark Whitty possesses a rare combination of attributes for the advertising industry: he has high standards of excellence and he is a good budget manager. He provided standout, award-winning work for me at Applied Materials on a $50 million global advertising and branding campaign." 

Tom Hayes, VP Marketing


Brand Strategy

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Jim Morgan, CEO

Tom Hayes, VP Marketing

Joe Pon, VP Public Affairs


Paul Golubovich, Producer

Chris Kirk, Mind Bomb Films

Charles Wang, Salon Films

Pucho Mentasti, Palomar Pictures

Peter Ker, Peter Ker Associates

Ralf Schmerberg, Radical Media

RJ Muna, Muna Pictures

Jeanne Selvester, PHD Media

Chris Liu, Ketchum PR

Wayne Sayer, Washington D.C.

Mike Hall, Hall & Partners  

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