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Aquarius Equipement Finance
The box that changed the world

There is no such thing as a dull product, or a problem creativity can't solve.

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Beyond the basic challenge of making an investment in a company that invests in steel boxes sound interesting, our hands were tied by a set of incomprehensible SEC rules on public engagement. These constraints forged a strategy that focused on the creative ways in which containers are being used once they have been retired from a life at sea.  


  • As a result of telling a more human story, AEF is breaking with category norms and building an emotional connection with investors.

  • By building brand equity, AEF is now cultivating deeper relations with key players inside the wider container leasing industry. 

  • To-date, AEF has returned more than $1.3 billion to their investors.

Source: Drewry Maritime Research

Scott Smith

"Whitty combines a unique understanding of branding and business common sense. He has a challenging, yet charming style and a can-do attitude to everything we throw at him." 

Scott Smith, CEO


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Scott Smith, CEO


Chris Kirk, MindBomb Films

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