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The box that changed the world

There is no such thing as a dull product, or a problem creativity can't solve.

San Francisco Bay. Photo: Whitty 

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Aquarius Equipment Finance invest in shipping containers that are leased on a long-term basis to the world’s leading shipping lines. 


Globalization owes a lot to the humble shipping container, but, slowing global growth and trade wars were dominating the headlines, and the industry was bracing for uncertainty. Whitty Worldwide was tasked with reassuring investors that the great era of containerization wasn't over.

Beyond the basic challenge of making steel boxes sound interesting, our hands were tied by a set of incomprehensible rules of public engagement that are governed by the SEC.

As we were prohibited from making a rational financial argument for AEF, we developed a campaign that dramatized the creative ways in which containers are being used once they have been retired from a life at sea. 


  • As a result of telling a more human story, AEF has forged an emotional connection with the investment community / media.

  • By building brand equity, AEF is now cultivating deeper relations with key players inside the wider maritime container leasing industry. 

  • To-date, AEF has directed over 90 transactions and returned more than $1.3 billion to their investors.

Source: Drewry Maritime Research

Scott Smith

"Whitty combines a unique understanding of branding and business common sense. He has a challenging, yet charming style and a can-do attitude to everything we throw at him." 

Scott Smith, CEO


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Scott Smith, CEO


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